The Center for Counseling & Growth (CCG) is supported by the generous financial gifts of ministry partners, people who see the strategic need of caring for missionaries and church leaders. This enables CCG to commit to serving people without financial burden.

Partner and invest in God’s kingdom with us…

We have learned that ministries should not and do not operate as individuals. It is pleasing to God when His children are able to work together with a kingdom perspective. CCG depends on ministry partners—and this includes financial ministry partners who invest in God’s kingdom through CCG.

Therefore, we would like you to pray and consider joining CCG as a prayer and financial ministry partner to serve missionaries, church leaders and pastors through us.

Thank You…


How to support CCG…

For donations with official Taiwan tax receipt:

Please deposit funds via the Post Office giro transfer

Account Title: 社團法人台灣省基督教傳教士協會

Account Number: 21517317