Staffing Needs

Can we win a war by sending troops to battle without preparing them and caring for them?

In the same way, if we are serious about missions and sending missionaries cross-culturally to other countries, we need to at the emotional level prepare and care for the people we send. Serving cross culturally causes high stress.

Considering and deciding to serve at a ministry like CCG is a decision of strategic importance for helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

Who we are looking for:

At CCG we are seeking people who are passionate about serving and caring for missionaries, pastors and church leaders. This care includes doing general pastoral care and counseling, professional and personal training, member care debriefing, assessments.

At CCG we acknowledge that God is the source of our ability to help others. We trust in God for His healing power, wisdom, and provision for our needs. Our full-time professional staff trust God in providing for their financial needs via ministry partners as they are not reimbursed for their services. All funds received for services go to CCG to pay for operational costs. We prefer people who come to serve with us with an established mission agency or church who will be responsible for training, support and general accountability.

Our current needs:

The current areas of needs are:

  • Male and female counselors with at least a masters level of education (being licensed is a plus). Overseas experience is helpful.
  • Pastoral counselors. We desire people who have been engaged in a similar ministry either abroad or in their passport country for at least 2 years. Formal education or training in this area is a plus as is prior overseas experience.

Preliminary Qualifications

  • Able to articulate clearly a calling to do pastoral and / or member care.
  • Endorsed, sent and financially support by a local church or sending agency.
  • Ready and able to raise financial support for personal and ministry expenses.
  • Ability to serve full-time as an active member.
  • Ideally having lived cross-culturally.
  • Gifted and skilled in pastoral ministries – handling of God’s Word, pastoral counseling, shepherding, public speaking, and spiritual guidance.
  • A spiritual life others would eagerly want to emulate.
  • High level of self-awareness and relational skills that others can readily identify.
  • Minimum of one year formal Bible training or equivalent.