Missionary Candidate Evaluation

Missionaries Need Our Support

Did you know, 47% of long-term missionaries leave the field within the first 5 years? Mostly due to preventable causes, such as team dynamic problems, family issues, and difficulty handling stress and adjusting to the culture. Missionaries are just ordinary people, not superheroes who never struggle. On the field, they face difficulties, including isolation, burnout, disappointments, cultural/language adjustment, lack of support and resources. We have also seen that issues which were not resolved in the home country, often become more debilitating once they’re on the field, and they often lack the necessary resources and support to cope with the issues. Moreover, we are aware of the spiritual warfare that takes place when we seek to serve our Lord. We at CCG understand the challenges of serving cross-culturally, and we have a passion to help missionaries serve well and stay healthy.

It is important to evaluate how suitable a person is for cross-cultural ministry, and how emotionally ready they are to handle the stresses of missionary work. Our goal is that missionaries will stay long-term, and be healthy and productive in the process. For missionaries who leave prematurely, it comes as a heavy cost with ongoing ramifications to the individual, their families, and their supporting ministry or church. It is better to find out what their problems are and get help before going on the field, before consequences become more costly.

In order to prepare missionaries well, it is vital for missionary candidates to be assessed, ideally 3-6 months before leaving on assignment. CCG offers a Missionary Evaluation package that includes widely used assessment tools, thoughtfully selected to help missionaries better understand their strengths and growth areas, how they work in team settings, and how best to respond in stressful situations. We recommend 4 to 6 sessions, 1.5-2 hours per week, with a professionally-trained counsellor to carry out the full assessment. Due to the usage of copy-righted assessments, there is a cost involved. Please contact us on (04) 2236 1901 for details.

The Missionary Evaluation package includes:

  • Clinical interviews, focused on understanding and preparing for future ministry challenges,
  • MMPI-2, the Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory in current revision, focused on identifying responses to stressful situations,
  • MBTI, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, form G, focused on understanding our personality preferences and developing our growth areas,
  • FIRO-B, Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation, focused on learning how we interact with others,
  • IVI, Intercultural Values Inventory, as revised by CCG, focused on understanding our cultural values and how these may differ between people.

It is our vision at CCG to facilitate emotionally healthy spirituality amongst foreign and locally sent Christian missionaries and their families. The work missionaries do is important, and their health and wellbeing is crucial. We want to equip missionaries, so that they may stay, flourish, and contribute to their ministry calling. CCG wants to offer this evaluation to help missionaries, as well as their churches, to clearly identify their giftings, so that they are most useful and best equipped to glorify God through cross-cultural ministry.

Missionary Psychological Assessment Fee Policy, philosophy and rationale

Empowering missionaries to serve well on their field of service is one of our primary missions at CCG. Through interviews and psychological, personality and relationship assessments we can effectively assist missionaries, missionary candidates and other ministry co-workers as they seek God’s leadership in their lives. As ministry workers better understand and maximize their strengths, address weaknesses and blind-spots, and develop healthy responses to the stresses inherent in ministry, missionaries will become better equipped in balancing ministry, nurturing family, and healthful self-care.

We do not want finances to be a limiting factor to how we serve. We clearly acknowledge that God is our provider and our CCG counselors serve out of love and gratitude to our gracious God (John 13:34-35). It takes many years of professional and ministry experience to effectively interview, provide assessment, and debrief missionary candidates and other ministry workers. Furthermore, it takes about 15 hours for the counselor and CCG to process the assessments, conduct the vital personal consultations, then formulate and prepare the written report that is necessary for the process.

Likewise, we encourage missionary candidates, as followers of Christ, to develop a growing trust in God for His provision by being responsible financial stewards (2 Cor. 8: 9-15). Therefore, CCG asks for a NT$5,000 facilities fee per person for expenses related to psychological assessment purchasing and related resources. These are primarily costs paid to other companies for licensing fees to use and / or buy copyrighted materials.

We estimate that the actual cost of doing an assessment, report and the debriefing provided is approximately NT$20,000 per person. In order for CCG to provide this labor-intensive assessment for Christian leaders, we are offering you the opportunity to give to God through CCG so that we can continue to bless others. Your liberal donation, over and above the facility fee, helps with operational expenses, training, and ongoing service to coworkers.

Facilities Fee NT 5,000 + Offering to God via CCG = CCG Fee

Please prayerfully consider how much you can cheerfully give to CCG, and make a contribution accordingly. Know that your gift is a blessing to CCG, to you, and those who follow in your footsteps.
Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. — 2 Corinthians 9:7