How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, please contact us directly by calling (04) 2236-1901. If no one is there to take your call, please leave us a message with your name and number, and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours to set up an appointment.

What is counseling?

The most important thing to know about counseling is that it is a process. It is a time for you to explore your thoughts and feelings about what has happened, what is happening, and what to do next. During this process, counselors use their expertise and experience to provide attentive listening, deep understanding, psycho-education, self-awareness training, expressions and explorations of emotions, beliefs, behaviors, real issues and possible solutions. Together, the counselor and you will face the pains and challenges, tap into your unused potentials, and find healing for your wounds or traumas.

Who needs counseling?

Each of us, at some time during our lives, will encounter hardships, pains and sufferings. We would inevitably feel helpless and lost. A counselor can use his/her training and experience to help us face the challenge and find a way out. Going to a counselor does not mean you have a mental disorder. In fact, just like watching out for your physical health, it is best to be aware of the state of our psychological health and to intervene as early as possible. So many people wait until their situations have become utterly intolerable, and they themselves totally exhausted, before they seek for help. In these incidences, it would take a lot more effort to make improvements. As prevention is far better than cure, the suggestion here is not to wait, but to seek help early.

How should I prepare myself for counseling?

The goal for counseling is change. Therefore, you will be well prepared if you can have an open mind and attitude, and you are willing to face the problem, face yourself, and put in the necessary work for change.

What services do you provide?

The counselors at CCG have special trainings and experiences. They can help you face many challenges in life and deal with many psychological disorders. The problems they are able to provide help include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorder, stress management, anger management, grief and loss, healing for trauma, marriage problems, parenting problems, communication, conflict resolution, pre-marital counseling, and other issues. We also provide missionary evaluations prior to departure, and missionary debrief upon return.

How do you charge?

CCG is a non-profit organization serving the church and the community. All of our expenses come from offerings and fund raising. We also use the offering principle for our counseling services. People often wonder what is an “appropriate” amount of offering. Our suggestion is NT500 per session (to cover facilities expenses), plus a free-will offering. If you can and are willing to offer more, that is great and it will be deeply appreciated. All of our counselors are volunteers, they provide their time and services without charge. Your offering will be used to defray our administration and office expenses, as well as rental and utility fees. In addition, your offering will allow us to continue to be a blessing to others.